The Arthur Washington Sexytet

Truman Smith at The Ori

Hideaway Bar May 10th 

Twin Willows Band Photos

Petro Dollars Album launch with Oddity, Damsel in Dismay, Trigger Jo and Petro Dollars

Duncan Woods and the Notable Few at Lizottes

Sarah Monk Artist Photos. 

Mathew James Lyons at The Bucket Lounge. 

Banjo Beats and The Gypsy Scholars at The Lass O Gowrie

Declan Kelly at The Rhythm Hut 

Othrship Band Photos

Australian Tango Festival

Joe Asquith - Pianist and Journalist.

Vanishing Shapes Band Photo's 

Niq Reefman and Oliver Downes at the Rhythm Hut. 

Devil On the Rooftop at the Unorthodox Church Of Groove.