Peppermint Candy


An open letter to the Australian East Coast Summer:

Dear Summer,

what is up with you man? Are you having some kind of identity crisis at the moment. A few days ago you were super hot. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and everyone was roasting. Now you're cold, wet and distant. You've been like this all season, hot and cold, then hot then cold.


I miss the old you. The old you was hot without being humid, it was beach weather every day. The old you was the epitome of "summer fun". Now you're drab, dank and dreary.  I hope we can return to our old agreement soon. I can't keep up with your mood swings,

Love Jen.


Something I never really used to care about before blogging was the state of the weather. I mean, I cared as far as wanting to stay warm and dry, but I never felt completely limited by bad weather. Now if it rains it's a bit of a disaster because a) the light turns to bleargh, and b) my equipment is not waterproof.



I tried to channel my inner peppermint candy in todays outfit. I'm not a huge fan of the taste of peppermint, but I love the candy appearance, and the smell (so fresh yo!) These bright colours also cheered me up. If you've been around for a while, drab weather makes me feel sad and lethargic because it zaps the warmth and colour out of the day.



Pinocchio Candy Stripes

wpid-c360_2015-01-04-18-25-03-536.jpg The one thing I love the most about Summer is how long the days are. I tend to be a bit of a night owl, so the longer the sun stays out the better.


I haven't always felt this way about Summer daylight hours. I can remember when I was 6 feeling annoyed that I had to be put to bed when the sun was still out because when the sun is out it's still day, and daytime is for play, not for sleep (my bedtime was 6:00 back then).


Over the last week or so I've noticed the sun setting a little earlier than it has been. I always have felt sad about this change in daylight hours. I do not enjoy winter. I find it cold and bitter. I hate the cold, I hate the rain, and I hate the dreary grey clouds. When the sky is chock full of drab, grey clouds, the world looses brightness and colour. The sun setting earlier is a very obvious and small reminder that winter is coming. (I know it's technically not coming for like 6 months, but, last year the temperature change/ overcast days came prematurely)


It also means I'm overestimating how long I can leave shooting my outfit, causing terrible lighting situations (Sorry!)