Diamante Teacup Princess

It's been a long couple of weeks yo. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and having a lot of feelings. I've also been falling into the endless stream of "Youtube Beauty Vlogger with calm voice" as a way to get away from the thoughts and feelings. Anyway, whilst my head is in a muddle, my blog posts are probably going to be more photography than wordy. 

The posts are probably going to be a little less frequent as well. (I intended to get this edited and posted thursday last week, but that kind of didn't happen... Oh well) 

I will finish off by saying how great are these tights!? They're covered in jewels AND even though they're thin, they totally didn't ladder on the first wear! :D 

Teacups at sunset

shoes I have momentarily lost the ability to write anything remotely interesting, so I'll just leave you with my photo set from yesterday!



Hand In Hair


legs crossed




Looking Behind





Sometimes the only way to salvage a photo is to stick a vintage filter on it...

image I had a sewing day today. Because I got wrapped up in my sewing, I forgot to go out early afternoon to take my photos, thus having outfit shots with shitty lighting.


Luckily I managed to somewhat rectify the situation with filters!


Anyway, this is what I wore today. I made this play suit earlier this year, and don't wear it often enough!


It has the cutest tea set pattern on it


Can't wait to show you what I sewed it the coming days!

Red bows and tea cups.

wpid-pict_20141020_204019.jpg So I did the thing where you have a manic day, then you sit down for 10 mins and think "I'll do all the things in 10 mins to the best of my ability" when in reality you end up melting into the chair while browsing the internet on your laptop which has 10% battery left, then half ass the rest of your tasks for the day once said battery dies.

This is why you're seeing socks instead of shoes. (Basically I was too lazy to put my shoes back on.) It's also the reason I missed the last dredge of sunlight this afternoon.


Anyway this is what I wore today!


Remember how I mentioned that I cleaned out my closet? Well, I found this belt chilling out of sight! It's one of those adjustable slide-y waist band belts, which makes it super good for flute playing (It expands as I breathe, leaving my lungs unrestricted!)

mermaids and teacups


This is the outfit I wore to uni a couple of days ago. I made the skirt last year and I don't wear it enough!


The pattern on the fabric is tiny adorable mermaids.


I also urge you to imagine some red shoes on my feet as you view these images! My  parents have a no shoe rule in the house, so I had to take my outfit photos sans shoes.



I've had a bit of extra time lately to be able to do some eye-shadow which is nice!




My old flute teacher was doing a clean out of her house and gave me these beautiful old teacups that her mother owned. I love how bright they are (and I will definitely be drinking tea out of them soon)