Eiffel Tower Skate Boards

shoes There's a reason for all of the super comfy casual clothes I've been posting this weekend. I'm currently writing a mini version of my thesis for this year, which means I'm spending all day cooped up on the lounge with my laptop drowning in orchestral scores, piccolo music, orchestration books, piccolo research and my own personal notes. When I'm doing this sort of stuff I want to be super comfy. Looking cute is just a bonus.

On the Board

There's only one reason I got dressed today. I decided to take my skate board out for a ride (if I hadn't done this, I probably would have stayed in my pyjamas all day) It's amazing how being on my board for an hour cleared my head.

Standing with Board

This is what I wore for skating. I picked up this jumper from the op shop last week. The shorts I have on underneath (believe it or not) are actually high waisted, although you can't tell cause my jumper is super long.


Moral of the story: If you've got the study blues, go for a walk. Makes everything better.

Straight on Head Shot

I also decided to photograph my "handbag essentials". I'm going to be honest, I'm a bit of a snoop. I can remember being 13 on the internet and finding the "post what's in your bag" phenomenon. I was endlessly fascinated. It wasn't a common thing for people to do back then either.

Beauty and fashion bloggers/vloggers do these types of posts/videos all the time now, and I figure I may as well satisfy a curiosity (Not that any of you will necessarily be curious about what's in my bag)

I'm going to be honest, this isn't so much a what's in my bag. It's more of an essential things that are always with me. I'm constantly switching bags throughout the week (when I have a long journey I tend to take a backpack which carries a lot more stuff so that I can be entertained/do work)

What's in my bag

This is the small bag I use most often. It was given to me by a close friend, and is the perfect size for my "bare essentials" handbag :)


If you found this interesting, let me know and I'll do a post on what I bring when I commute.

One Whole Year.

Oh my gosh, I've been posting on The Emerald Ruby now for a whole year! I thought as  a celebration of my fist successful attempt at blogging, I would share my 12 favourite outfits for this year. 20140529_131309(0)









I finally bought my current camera after 5 months of conning my friends and family into playing photographer for me!




Unfortunately it would still take me a few more months to cave and buy a tripod.






It's amazing to not only see how much my style has changed in the year since starting The Emerald Ruby, but to see how much my sewing has improved, and how much my photography has improved too! (although, that photography improvement is only noticeable when I'm not too busy to shoot properly!)

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for sticking around with me! It's been a blast.

Lets hope this next blogging year is as good as the first!

Dogs on a soapbox

wpid-pict_20150520_150904.jpg I had my first gig with Button Collective on Monday. It was amazing. The crowd was great, the musicians I was playing with were great, and the songs we were playing were great. It was just a brilliant night, with brilliant peeps and brilliant music and I cannot wait to do it again next Monday.


Like many people in their early 20's  I've been doing a lot of thinking about life, and I've come to a few realisations, mostly concerning the artistic path I'm traveling down.

I decided that I wanted to play flute for a living when I was 6. My parents had this tape called Lord of the Dance, which I watched on a regular basis. I loved the music, and I especially love the sound of the flute. When I eventually took up flute 4 years later I was directed down a classical path. The classical education I received was brilliant, and has prepared me wonderfully for the professional music world, but it did have some downfalls, the most notable of which was a conservative approach to musical occupations (preparing for a non classical carreer was never presented as an option).


The other educational misfortune I've experienced was the idea that I have to choose one artistic discipline. When I was in year 12 I was made to choose between visual arts and music. (obviously) I chose music, and up until semester 2 last year I hadn't really approached art making "properly" since Highschool (and even then, I've only really started to get back into the swing of artmaking over the last few months. I filled a sketch book this week. I haven't done that since highschool yo!)

As  much as I love music, sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice, although recently the thought has been why did I choose at all (I actually know exactly why I felt like I had to choose. The way the HSC/University applications/subjects are structured makes it incredibly difficult to play around with the idea specialising in more than one subject. That and my school teachers offered me no advice about my options)


I've been left with this creative need. In a dream world I would be able to study music and creative arts full time side by side, and not have to worry about how I can fund my creative pursuits. But that's not the way life works. I feel like outside of the creative bubbles found in major cities, the general populous actively tries to oppress the "creative" way of life, because didn't you know, the idea of living off your art is silly and unobtainable because it's not "real" work.


If you made it to the end of my creative soap box ramble congratulations! I'd love to know if you've ever had a similar "existential crisis" and what it's about.

The Day after.

wpid-pict_20150419_163233.jpg I am somewhat recovered from my adventure last night. (If you missed it, a friend and I travelled to Campbelltown arts center for pixel sounds, which is an annual chip tune gig. It was an amazing night, although, we had a long way to travel (our travel had nothing on the artists though, who'd mostly come from Melbourne and Perth))


Speaking of artists, I'm going make a list for your listening pleasure. They were all phenomenal, and deserve their music to be listened to by as many people as possible. I must also mention that chiptune is best listened to live. It's amazing what brilliant sound systems, stunning (and sometimes hilarious) visuals, multiple gadgets with all sorts of brightly lit screens and colourful wires, and the artist themselves grooving away to their sweet sweet bleep bloops adds to this style of music making.

Calavera: Is what I'd describe as good wholesome chip tune. His melodies are beautiful, and his wave channel is crunchy. Basically his chiptunes encompass everything I love about music made on a gameboy. I also love his charismatic performance style, which is so overwhelmingly happy.

Maddest Kings Alive: Maddest Kings Alive take on chiptune is what I'd call chilled out and minimal. His live set was created with a bunch of snazzy gadgets which I failed to identify, but it seemed as though he was constructing his sound live on stage, in a similar manner to how one performs an acoustic instrument. It was amazing to watch, and even more amazing to listen to.


DF0:BAD: Part of the charm of live chip tune is when the technology fails. Most of the time the artist is using technology which is 20+ years old, and sometimes it dies. DFo:BAD's technology was not immune to the curse of failing technology, with some songs dieing halfway though. Despite this, his set was skillfully composed, and very well performed.

cTrix: I must say, cTrix is one of my favourite chiptune artists. He makes music on a bunch of different systems including (but not limited to) an Atari (which he's turned into a guitari) a SNES, a Mega Drive, an Amega, a gameboy and a pocket thingy with lots of wires on knobby bits which I can't remember the name of. Something I love about his performance style is that he always takes a little time to educate the audience by explaining what he's using (and if you're lucky) how he's using it. He also had technology fail last night (although, it was the modern tech as opposed to the ancient tech) and handled it skillfully, entertaining the audience with some impromptu Beat Boxing)


Atomsmasha: Unfortunately I didn't get to see Atomsmasha play (it was a choice between catching a slightly earlier train, or waiting 3 hours for the super sketchy one), but I can verify that his music is completely marvelous. He makes melodic and hard 8 bit techno, and does it really really well.

So yeah, check all these mad boys out yo! Also, I will mention for all my music friends who don't do the chip tune thing, if you know how to use Sibelius, there's not much of a learning curve to being able to use the LSDJ tracker on a gameboy (I'll post a tutorial link here) Basically, I think y'all should make chip tune so NSW can have a scene (as much as I love the Melbourne scene, YOU'RE ALL SO FAR AWAY :( )

Grumpy Cats and Orange Rainbows

wpid-pict_20150415_165759.jpg So, you know how I took that trip to Kiama down on the south coast? Well, near Kiama, there's a place called Berry, which is a little tourist town with some fabulous shops along the main street. Now, there are two shops in particular which are completely awesome. Those are the fabric stores. I may have hit up both of them, and I may have purchased too much fabric (so much for using up the fabric I already had!)



I bough the fabric for these shorts at a quilting specialty shop which was off the main road (I bought some other fabric there too, but i haven't used that yet). This fabric is covered with angry stylized watercolour cats. It was just too fabulous not to make into shorts with heart pockets.

This is the outfit that I wore during the day yesterday for my super cute busking sesh with my band Vanishing Shapes. (We filmed the first few songs of our session, which I'll be uploading to our youtube channel later this evening.(We're also going to upload more frequently, so if you love our kooky folk sound, you should totes subscribe))


Now, the main reason we busked yesterday was as a warmup for our gig in the evening with Spencer Scott, Thrasher Polka and The Dead Maggies, which is also the reason you're getting 2 outfit photos today!


We had such a blast playing with all of these fab musicians and I suggest you check them all out!

Spencer Scott is simply a boy with a guitar, singing about life, and what wonderful song they are. His performances are always super fun, super energetic, and the two times I've seen him, he's left myself (and the rest of the audience) full of the feels.

Thrasher Polka make music that sounds like their band name. They are a folk punk band, and although their music isn't compositionally the most brilliant, their performance more than makes up for it.

Finally the Dead Maggies (who's tour we were all supporting that evening) entertained us greatly with their brilliant Tasmanian Folk Punk.  Basically, they sing about real life dead people from the convict era of Tasmanian History. Their performance was full of energy, and I look forward to playing with them in the future. (their lead singer also plays a metal clarinet, which is weird to listen to and extraordinarily weird to look at.)