Pink Politics 101

shoes It's been a few days since the lib spill, and now I've had a chance to rant and be angry I've decided to be productive instead. The following is a handy dandy guide to developing a political opinion. (I'm very sorry that I keep harping on about politics, but it's really important.)


I suppose the first point I would like to address is why it's important to have an opinion about politics. There are so many reasons, but by far the biggest reason is that our government (is supposed) to represent the people. If the people don't know/don't care about the government how are they (they being the government) supposed to represent us effectively?

leg out

The biggest step to forming a political opinion is to decide what you want to change about Australia, and what you want to stay the same.

The next step is finding out how each party aligns with your view. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using Vote Compass. Basically what this does is it breaks down the main policy points into a simple questionnaire, then compare your answers to the policies of the various political parties, then gives you this information on a handy dandy graph! Unfortunately it only updates close to an election, but if you're curious about how your views align with Australia's political parties, the Federal Vote compass from 2013 is a great place to start.

The other resource I like is  They Vote for you . This site breaks down how each parliament member has voted for things throughout their political career (meaning you can really get into the nitty gritty of each member of parliament)

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So, you've formed a political opinion. The next thing you have to do is get your voice heard. There are lots of ways you can do that such as writing to your Member of Parliment, writing a letter to the editor, engaging your friends and family in a friendly political debate or even starting a blog about politics. These are all great options, but there is one really powerful way you can get your voice heard, and that is by voting.

Now, voting in Australia can get pretty complicated. To win an election one party needs to get 51% of the votes, which is pretty tricky when there are more than two parties (which there are). To solve this conundrum we use a thing called preferential voting (Here's a handy dandy graph!) Basically there's a bunch of parties in Australia who would all like to run the government, but some of these parties are smaller than others.

Before the election, these parties sit down and decide who they would like to give their votes to if they don't get elected (Although, if you vote for a party and don't like their next preferred party, you can decide your own preference path at the polling booth). Starting with the guys who got the least amount of votes, and working there way up, the votes of the less voted for parties get given to other parties until someone has 51%. It's not a perfect system (but, lets be honest, there's no such thing as a perfect system). I can remember some election where more people voted for one party, but the other one was elected because of how the preferences transferred.


On top of this, there are two different sets of government people (at a federal level) you have to elect. There's the House of Representatives, who at their most basic level write legislation and keep all the stuff going (they also do things like write budgets, and attend official events, and sometimes they even say silly things on camera) These guys are pretty important, but not as important as the Senate.


The Senate are the people who actually pass the legislation. They're the people who look over the legislation and ask "is this really best for the people?". (In theory) They stop the government from having free reign over everything and everyone. You her about them less because their work is more behind the scenes than the work of the House of Representatives.

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At all levels of Federal Parliment you mostly hear about 2 major parties, and 1 party who's gaining more and more traction every election. These parties are the Liberal Party of Australia(aka The Coalition (because a bunch of parties all joined forces and stuff)who are the current government), The Australian Labor Party (these guys are the main opposition) and The Greens  .

The TLDR of the above is:

Liberal Party: Conservative

Labor Party: Kind of liberal

The Greens: Liberal

(yeah, the difference between the names/political views confuses me too, but it is what it is (this is literally the only time I'll ever say that in relation to politics))


That's pretty much it. I've linked all of the most relevant resources above as they're the best place to start when it comes to informing yourself about how your views fit in with politics. Remember, political parties aren't like football teams. Just because "your a liberal/labor/whatever" party doesn't mean you should automatically give them your vote without actually understanding what they stand for.

I've probably missed out quite a few things, but this is only meant to be an overview. (If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. You can also probably find the answer using google! :) )


I feel as though this outfit is the most appropriate to go with this blog post. This is what I wore the day of the Lib Spill (which was the day I posted my political rant) I biked to a nearby park (and then went exploring) to calm my thoughts after all the political drama (it didn't quite work. I finished purging the angry thoughts into that political rant a few days ago)

June Favourites

shoes It's that time of the month! I'mma share all of my favourite artists/musicians/performers/culture things :D

twirling sans jacket

First up, we've got Furry Little Peach who is a Sydney based watercolour artist. I've really been enjoying her instagram posts as of late (she's putting together an exhibition featuring cacti). I'd love to post an image of her work, but unfortunately wordpress is being a butt, so if you're curious about her work, you'll just have to click the link yo!

Dropping skirt - I've posted about Milly before (we had a sewing evening last year, and posted heaps cute photos of what we made) She's finally started blogging again, so you should totes check her out. (She's also an artist, and has really cool work on her instagram / etsy. I'm going to assume those links are on her blog...)


I've been listening to fleet foxes a lot lately. They've been chilling on my ipod for ages, but up until June, I've only really half listened to them. Their music is stunning, from the instrumentation, to the vocal harmonies, even their stage manner (I may have binge watched some live footage on youtube recently)


My last cultural favourite for this month is a venue I played at with Button Collective. It's a fairly new space called GUT. It's an intimate space created by a bunch of people who are really into live music and art, so they've dedicated part of their living space to supporting the arts. If you live in Sydney, I highly suggest you keep an eye on this space. It's super cool, and will only survive if passionate people support it.

So those are my favourite cultural things for this month. Hope you have fun checking them out :D

Pom pom, politics and progressive values

shoes I'm having trouble typing my thoughts in detail, so I'll just give you all a TLDR: The Australian government is actively trying to destroy any form of equality Australia had, and it's making me sad and angry. I'm angry because I didn't vote for these people, but I'm stuck with their idiotic policies anyway, and I'm sad because I feel completely powerless to change anything. This government isn't listening to it's people, it's listening to those who will make them rich.

Sitting on bathtub

Anyway, I've taken to twitter in hopes as a form of protest/making Jen feel slightly less angry/sad. I'm using #thisisnotdemocracy. The aim is for me to tweet something intelligent at those in power every day in order to let them know that I am not ok with what they are doing. I would absolutely love it if others would join me.

Here's a list of Twitter accounts to get you started:

Tony Abbot: The Prime Minister/Minister for all sorts of things he shouldn't be sticking his nose in.

Julie Bishop: Deputy leader of the liberal party/ Minister for foreign affairs.

Christopher Pyne: Minister for Education

Peter Dutton: Minister for immigration and border protection

Greg Hunt: Minister for the environment

Scott Morrison: Minister for Social Services

Joe Hocky: Treasurer


On a lighter note, I spent my day writing music with Vanishing Shapes and painting. I'm really enjoying having time to be creative without having to worry about assignments. Anyway, I don't have anything else to say, so I'll just leave everyone with the rest of my photo's from today!


holding the coat

skirt details


Navy Boats

June 2nd 2015 Shoes I have a problem. That problem is directly related to my current prescription and manual focus.



June 2nd 2015 Looking

If you didn't know already, I wear glasses as a necessity first, accessory later. Without glasses my vision is slightly blurry all round. Lately my vision has been slightly blurry with glasses as well. (I need a new prescription y'all).

Another thing to take note of is that Auto focus is kind of very annoying, so I've been attempting to focus using manual settings.

The TLDR of the situation is that I can't focus my camera properly/proficiently because my prescription is making everything blurry, which isn't much fun. I'm getting through it though using a technique called "focus is about here, so I'll take photo's in front of and behind this spot, and one of them is bound to be in focus." It seems to be working  pretty well so far, but it'd be much easier if I could see.

June 2nd 2015 leaning

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore yesterday. I've been opting for simpler outfits on a Tuesday lately because I'm gigging in Sydney on Monday evenings with Button Collective (Which makes the not so fun situation of "late night, early morning") I'm kind of enjoying it though. I'm kind of channeling The Clothes Horse (who is one of my favourite bloggers) when styling my "simpler Tuesday" outfits.

June 2nd 2015 Torso