Emerald Elegance

Would it be weird for me to talk about a dress I sewed the other day but am not wearing at all in this blog post? I feel like it would be, but I'm going to do it anyway. After I photographed this outfit I did a bad and went to spotlight (pro tip, I should never be allowed in spotlight). I intended to by 1 meter of cool fabric, but ended up walking out with many fabrics. Whoops? 

Anyway, with this rare burst of energy and creativity I'm feeling I ended up impulse buying this super soft fleece knit with puppies and flowers, then in the 4 hours before I had to be on a train to Sydney for Jazz I sewed a "tour dress" 

I'm not sure If I've ever talked about tour dresses on this blog, but basically a tour dress is a super comfy loose fitting dress which can 1) be folded/rolled up into a super small ball/ not crease 2) is comfortable enough to be worn to bed as pyjamas. Once paired with opaque tights one is unstoppable in a tour dress. I've only ever bought my tour dresses from op shops (as up until recently I wasn't game to sew with any sort of knit material. It's a strange fabric/sewing technique to get used to. I also rarely sew dresses, because I like to draft my own patterns/ can't work out how to drape a fitted cotton dress.) LONG STORY SHORT I sewed my first tour dress using a selfdrafted/improvised pattern. 

Legit, this dress is the softest, comfiest thing I own. It's also super warm. Hopefully I'll have photos soon (but who knows. My tour dresses rarely make it onto this blog... maybe I'll do a tour dress roundup/ talk about clothing/packing as a fashion conscious musician for a tour where you can't fit much in your car)  

Now that I've told you all about his awesome dress that you cannot see, I might talk about the skirt I'm wearing a little! I really really like this skirt. The fabric is a soft texture, it fits super well, it's the perfect shade of green, it's a great length, and I really like the way it's pleated. The only problem with this skirt is that it's nearly impossible to get the creases ironed out. 

I've tried almost everything. I've steamed it with steamer/ in the bathroom. I've ironed it damp, I've ironed it dry. I've ironed it on the hottest setting, and still those creases will not move. It's stopped me from reaching for/wearing this skirt many a time (I dislike wearing clothes that need an iron. It makes me feel a bit messy) It's such a great skirt though! So when I put this outfit together I decided "creases be damned" and wore it anyway. I'm sure no one noticed, and if they did, they probably didn't care, but after my mum drilling the importance of properly ironed clothing into me it felt a little rebellious. 

And that my friends is how I get my thrills: wearing ironed, but creased clothes out in "polite society" :P 

Till next time <3