Time's a flying

I blinked at the end of June, and now it's August. Somehow a little over a month has felt like a week, and during this time I have been neglecting my sewing and my blog. I don't really every talk about trying to grow my blog, but up until March this year I was quite focused on trying to make it grow. Right now though, with all of the offline stuff I've got going on I'm just content to keep it alive and kicking. 

Lets take a moment to appreciate how perfectly this doggo photobombed my outfit shoot. 

Lets take a moment to appreciate how perfectly this doggo photobombed my outfit shoot. 

So, you may (or may not) be wondering what's been up for the past month. I went on tour with Vanishing Shapes. We played Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Bello, the Blue mountains and Newcastle. It was a crazy fun journey of making music, driving long distances and being silly. I recorded with Bread and Seaweed at Turtle Rock Studios, which was a 10/10 good time. We did half an ep (3 songs) in two days, (which if you've ever recorded before is absolute madness. Also been gigging a little with The Button Collective

When I'm not makin the musics I'm either painting or watching netflix. The stuff I've been painting has recently taken a deeper turn down the surrealism path, mixing spacey planets with other things, such as heads and ships etc. 

I also turned 23, which isn't a particularly unusual thing, but feels quite strange. Somehow, not unlike the last month, I blinked and a bunch of time disappeared, leaving me feeling like I've done everything and nothing, and simultaneously changed a whole bunch and not at all. It's a weird place to be in, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but everythings holding itself together, so I'm fine. 

Speaking of real life shenanigans, if you're in the Newcastle area tomorrow, Shapes have a gig! It starts at like 7:30 ish at the Wesley Hall (downstairs from the commons). It should be pretty chill, and we have enough time to play pretty much our whole program, so yeah! Fun fun Shapes Times.