Let the January catch up begin

Somehow I managed to photograph every outfit bar one (the very last one) on this tour. Some of the photo's aren't great, but w/e, it's the outfit that counts right? I'm going to post these a few at a time so I don't overwhelm you all, and then maybe in the last post I'll talk about what makes a tour dress so great. 

Day 1: Bellengin

We played at a place called 5 Church street the evening these photos were taken. It's this cute little restaurant/cafe type place, and always great to play. We also get to see band parents when we play here, as our guitarist and bassist parents live close. 

Day 2/3 Mullumbimby/Byron

So, I completely failed at focusing this shot :S oh well, it happens. The rest are better I promise. I wore this dress for two days. The first day we drove from Bello to Mullum and camped along the side of the river. The second day I wore this was spent trying to find a more "permanent" campsite. (We ended up camping in the backyard of one of our house concert hosts)

Day 4: Byron 

This was a big busking day for us. We spent a majority of the day, then part of the evening playing music on the streets of byron. It was super fun, but knocked the socks off us.  My scalp also got burnt :( 

Day 5: 

After the burning of my scalp the first byron day, I ended up nicking Jake's hat on this day. It actually looked super cute with this dress. For the band, this was a day off. From memory I ended up painting and beading on this day.

Day 6: Byron Bay

This was another big busking day for us. We loitered around Byron until about 4:00, then hit the streets with our instruments and sound gear. Surprisingly we managed to attract a decent crowd, so it was basically a gig but without the venue! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the outfits!