January Tour

It's strange posting photos out of order. These photo's were taken while I was on tour (before the photos of my last post) but I didn't want to taint this post with the sadness and anger I've been experiencing following my recent breakup. Emotionally this tour was hell for me. It followed directly behind a difficult stint at falls festival (due to weather) and an awful night in random cheap accomodation. My dog went missing twice, and my ex was flip flopping between ignoring me and being passive aggressive about coming to falls festival with me and me being away for such an extended period of time on tour. I've also changed this opening paragraph and probably won't change the rest of the words (so sorry if I've doubled up/something doesn't make sense) 

Bello stuff.jpg
Skirt gloseup.jpg

Needless to say, my time away was pretty up and down (with the majority of the time being down). It was also kind of floaty, as in, we didn't have a lot of gigs, so many days were spent pulling together our own schedule of busking, hanging out, cooking (and in my case) finding a library/powerpoint/wifi so I could edit/upload photos, book gigs and cross things off my professional to do list. 

Milk factory .jpg

I also packed very differently to last year. I opted for the "minimal clothing, find places to do laundry" approach. I'd recommend this over "new piece of clothing for each day". It's a little less time convenient, but it's a space saver, and it's easier to keep track of "clean and dirty"  clothes. As a little bonus, it means a clean towel as well! (which is a complete luxury as any touring musician would know!) 


There were some really great moments on this tour, like sharing a stage with Hello Tut Tut and Greshka in Brisbane, Booking a last minute gig in Bellingin at 5 Church street, and playing to a small room of people (as well as bumping into a friend far from home) at a stunning house in Ocean Shores. Ultimately though, this tour was mostly sad times for me. It's the first time I've driven great distances alone, the first time I've stayed in back packers alone and the first time I've ever really been home sick. 


Despite the sad times and short comings of this tour, I've learnt a lot and worked out a lot of thing I didn't previously know/realise about the industry I work in. 

On an unrelated note, here's my latest youtube video! It's a sneaky cover of Royals by Lorde :)