Adult Christmas.

wpid-c360_2014-12-14-19-04-54-753.jpg The older I get the less time/ cares I have for christmas. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy Christmas time with all the decorations, and celebration (not the music. I. Hate. Christmas music with a passion) but, it seems to have lost a lot of the magic it had as a child.


I've been having "Adult Christmas" feelings for 4 or 5 years now, but I suppose the revelation has been more evident this year due to me having my first "Adult Birthday" (ie, having a celebration was fun, but a little bit of a chore, rather than very exciting, like it  has been pretty much all my life(I still enjoyed it, but it was just another ordinary day))


I think the other reason it feels less exciting this year is because putting up the tree was a little bit of a chore. My family and I kind of grumped the tree together, rather than exciting the tree into existence.

I love how it turned out though!



We've never put a tree up this late. Even last year, when we were insanely busy, the tree still went up in the first week of December.  It feels a lot more like Christmas and the end of the year now its up. I just kind of wish it was still magic.








I'm going to leave you with photos of me snuggling my dogs (much to their annoyance (They're too cute not to snuggle!))