Androgenous pirate

shoes with noodle You know how sometimes you fall in love with a piece of clothing, but you have no idea how to style it, then it just sits in your wardrobe forever until suddenly you have a brain wave and create the perfect outfit using said piece of clothing? The culottes I wore today are one of those pieces of clothing.

Standing landscape

The button collective have this old vintage style "uniform" in which they wear lots of long pants, vests, suspenders, button down shirts, ties etc in neutral and muted colours. When styling the culottes I took a page out of their book, and used a muted navy and brown colour pallet, and creating layers with suspenders, a belt, a necklace, some tights and a pair of socks. I've also experimented with androgyny, using "masculine clothing elements". I really enjoy playing with androgyny, and don't do it near often enough.

Taking it off

Anna from Melodic and Thrify chick was a huge inspiration for the styling of this outfit. She is the layering master (if you like this outfit you should totally check out her blog!)

without jacket looking sidewayn

In other news, I rode my bike for the first time in many years today (out of necessity. Dad had the car, and I had to get home super fast from teaching). I'd forgotten how much fun riding a bike is. I'd also forgotten how uncomfortable a bike seat is, as well as how hard it is on the thigh muscles (which I don't use often enough :P). I'm definitely going to ride more often once Rohan and I move into our new place. I need to get saddle bags though. I had a backpack and flute case on my back, which was super awful.

Candid without jacket

So yeah, this is pretty much the outfit I'm wearing for my gig this evening (I changed my coat after taking these photos though. It's really really really cold at the moment, and the blazer wasn't warm enough.)