Asymmetrical colours

wpid-c360_2014-12-15-18-27-17-650.jpg I am so tired right now. My band had a jam/busking day today, and it's left me absolutely wiped.


Because I knew we were going to be busking, and that it was going to get hot, I wore this super comfy outfit (and subsequently was asked "do you realise you have odd socks/ shoes on!?) I love styling this vest, mainly because I get to play with asymmetry when wearing it


On a more serious note, Sydney has not been doing very well today. For those of you that haven't heard about what has happened today, here is a great link to the full story:

First off, I'll just say my heart goes out to all those affected by the situation. I hope that it gets resolved in the least violent/ fastest way possible.

As awful as this situation is, I urge people not involved to stay as calm as possible and not get caught up in the media hype of the situation. At the moment, (and by that I mean the last time I read something, which would have been a couple of hours ago now) very little is known about the situation. The best we can do until all of the facts are known is offer support to the friends and families of the hostages, and to create a safe space for the Muslim community who may be unfairly targeted due to some of the media hype surrounding the situation.  #I'llridewithyou