Jen's Top 11 list of Bands (That aren't Vanishing Shapes) which should be able to live off their music (but can't because making money through music is hard yo!)

wpid-c360_2014-12-11-19-05-56-236.jpg Yesterday I discussed Wednesdays Music Adventure. Part of that discussion was how not well know we are in the grand scheme of music things. Anyway, one of the best ways to support your favourite small band (like Vanishing Shapes) is to constantly talk about them, and recommend them to people.

I thought that considering the vibe of my blog at the moment, today would be the perfect day for JENS LIST OF 11 BANDS THAT SHOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE COMFORTABLY OFF THEIR MUSIC (I'll try not to double up with my favourite bands of all time list, but shit happens yo! (also, this list is in no particular order))


11: Rishloo:

Now, these guys have quite a large following, but, after their ama on reddit, I was surprised to find out that they all have day jobs! These guys write beautiful, heavy and compositionally interesting music. I'm not really sure how to describe their music, other than being perfect.

10: The Petrodollars:

These guys are a kind of newish band (they've been together for a while, but with a slightly different lineup and a different name) but they have the most amazing chemistry on stage. All of their music is solidly composed, and after listening to them, you'll be singing their melodies for days.

9: The Rider:

The Rider have been around for a few years now, and are building quite a following. This is another band that have a wonderful stage chemistry. Like Vanishing Shapes, they started around their first semester at uni. They draw from a variety of influences including  60/70s rock with psychedelic, progressive and even a bit of folk. I love their music (and I bet you will too!)

8: Montagu:

I have a soft spot for indie rock (I had a bit of a phase in high school), but unlike the bands I used to listen to, Montague's music has continually piqued my interested. Their music is very unique, and very solidly composed. Basically their band is everything I love about indie rock, without the stuff I hate about indie rock!

7: The Cellar Door:

I featured these guys in my top 10 bands, and I'm featuring them again in this list because their music is perfect. (like literally perfect) They are heavily folk influenced, and that is why I love them.

6: Victory Road:

Victory road is a fine pop punk musician, but unlike most, his band is a gameboy. If you like pop punk and nostalgia trips, you'll love Victory Road (and even if you don't like pop punk or nostalgia trips you'll love his music)



5: Valko:

These guys are brilliant. Like actually brilliant. They are compositionally solid, and have fabulous chemistry and now I'm gushing. (describing great bands is hard)

4: Oh Ye Denvar Birds:

I first heard this band on jjj when I was in year 10. They are an electronic folk band, and do really innovative stuff within the genera!

3: The Teapots:

Here's another band that has broken my heart. As far as I know, they formed while at uni together (and subsequently broke up after finishing their degrees) They're brilliant musicians, brilliant song writers, and had too short a lifespan.

2: Baltic Bar Mitzvah :

These guys are a nutty Klezmer folk band. They play everything from standards, to originals, and even pop covers (which are always brilliantly arranged, and turned inside out and upside down). All of the music they play has one thing in common: It's completely mental in the best possible way (hurry up and record yo!)

1: Fair to Midland:

Oh FTM, you have broken my heart. These guys broke up seemingly out of nowhere, but the breakup is rumored to have happened for financial reasons. If I had unlimited money I would fully fund FTM so they could continue to make heir delicious heavy folk prog rock amazing music.