Beaded Mint

shoes My op shopping has been on point the past week. See those shoes? I found them at Samaritans in Hamilton this week. Not only are they super comfy and a perfect fit, but they're covered in this gorgeous bead detail. They're slightly taller than a kitten heal (which is my second favourite type of heal) I think they must have been someone's wedding shoes.


I'm not sure what era they're from either. The brand, Alan pinkus, has been making shoes since the 1950's, but the shape is unlike any 50's shoes I've ever seen. (I'm entirely sure they're not from the 50's. The materials aren't right either) I posted a picture on instagram, and someone had a guess that they're from the 80's, but the label on the inside differs from the Alan Pinkus 80's shoes I've seen.

pidgeon toe

I emailed the shoe company of the same name, but they were no help. A larger company had bought the brand a number of years ago and the back catalog / history didn't transfer with it (only the "home grown" story made the cut) On a slightly related note, it really gets on my nerves when company's do this. It happened with Alannah Hill. She was fired from her own company, and since then the brand has been existing off the reputation she built. The design aesthetic changed almost immediately after she left, but the dresses continue to spout her namesake. (in case you're a fan, she's since started a new label: Louise Love)

hand in hair

Surprisingly Google has been no help either. The results my googling return all have something to do with buying vintage / alan pinkus shoes rather than dating them.


Now my question to you! Do you know of any resources for researching vintage footwear? If you do I would greatly appreciated them, because apparently my googling skills aren't what they used to be.