Boats on the water

wpid-pict_20150302_175614.jpg I've got a bit of a nautical theme going on this week. (and believe it or not, I totally didn't do it on purpose)


Dressing in "Nautical" clothing reminds me of the first trend I feel in love with (and the first trend I ever ever missed out on because I was too slow to pick up on it/ couldn't sew it myself).


When I was in year 7, the coolest store to shop at was Supre. Supre's clothes were (and still are) catering for the "tween" demographic. They were the perfect mix of cute/effortless/comfy/cheap, and every season their clothes sported a new "trend" (the only trend I ever took part in was the 2007 neon trend)


The summer trend they had that year was Nautical. The thing I remember most were the anchor prints. The print was pretty simple. Just a solid anchor (they had several different colours, one of which was the "supre" pink) repeated over and over on a slightly oversized cotton shirt.  Unfortunately I wasn't really into shopping (it was still a boring yucky thing that adults did) so by the time I got round to dragging my mum into the fabled Supre, the store had moved onto "better" things.