Busking and bows

wpid-c360_2014-12-17-18-59-42-851.jpg I've been doing so much busking lately! Yesterday I went with my friend Alyse, and we played probably about 2 hours worth of flute duets along the main street of Terrigal.


I really enjoy busking. I find its the best way to practice because a) You get to practice performing without all the anxiety that goes with it and b) You get to be outside, which is something you rarely get to do when you're practicing.




Something I need to learn not to do when I go busking is wear a dress or a skirt. Both Alyse and I were in garments with full skirts, and the wind trying to blow our skirts up in an unattractive fashion distracted us a couple of times.




If you learn anything from my blog it should be this: Busking + skirt = not much fun in the wind!