Butterflies and Rabbits

wpid-pict_20150603_151830.jpg Unfortunately due to the amount of stuff I take to uni, if I shoot my outfit at uni I'll be on my old camera. This is what happened yesterday. (My outfit was too cute not to share though!)


I've recently seen a shift in my wardrobe. I'm not sure if it's the weather, my mood, or the colour schemes my friends tend to wear, but something is really drawing me towards pastel blue lately (Especially the dustier tones).



I was feeling a little down yesterday, which contributed to my shoe choice. Not only do these shoes look fabulous, but they sound fabulous. They make a really strong (and almost wooden) clop sound on most hard surfaces. I've always associated the sound of cloppy heels with a strong woman, which is why I wore these shoes when I wasn't feeling so strong. (It totally worked as well. With each clop, I felt a little more confident)

These shoes are also super comfortable (I seem to remember my mum buying them from a store which specializes in comfy old lady shoes)


In conclusion, the sound of loud heels scares the bad thoughts away.