button flower


I've decided to become a notebook person. All of the coolest people who blog /youtube / make art/ write cool things talk about how they're notebook people. They talk about how they write down all of their ideas with a nice pen in a nice notebook so later they can perfect them. Considering how full of ideas my head is, I think it'd be pretty cool to store my ideas somewhere a little more permanent than my memory.




I've tried to do the notebook thing several times in the past. I think the main reasons I've never been able to stick to it are 1) I've felt self conscious about how terrible my writing is 2) I've not had much to write about 3) I hate it when my note /  art books aren't neat and tidy and beautiful, leading to me only wanting to write nicely/ worried I'll stuff it up. I'm trying to throw those sorts of cares out the window.