On being creatively fulfilled

Creative fulfilment is better than any other feeling I have ever felt ever. Over the last month I have consistently created more things and played more gigs than any previous period. I'm exhausted, I've barely been home, what little free time I had has vanished, but it's ok, because I feel so creatively fulfilled. 


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of shooting a gig for Bakoomba (who are a super rad African Fusion Band) this allowed me to buy something I've been thinking about buying for ages. I finally bought a "nifty fifty" (aka a 50mm 1.8 lens). I can't believe it's taken me this long to purchase one of these. It's now the best lens I own. (I shot this blog post on it! Look at all the creamy backgrounds :D) 

Out of frame.jpg

Due to the tiny depth of field and my current solo photo technique it's going to take me a while to get into a groove with the lens. But once I do my fashion photos will be so crisp with such beautiful creamy backgrounds! 


I'm not going to say much more than this. It's kind of late, I'm exhausted from an insane week and my words have all but disappeared. I will however leave you with a link to an article/interview did on my new Flute Quartet :D https://www.cutcommonmag.com/watch-the-world-premiere-of-jennifer-hankins-flute-quartet/