Classic Floral

shoes Recently a shop dedicated to selling fake flowers opened up in my local area. I finally had time to peruse the shop. I may have walked out with some flowers, and I may have attacked them with glue and ribbon.

land ahoy

This is the result, a completely over the top, but super cute waist bouquet (Because lets be honest, it's a little too ott to call a flower belt :P) . I must say, I felt like a fairy all day wearing this outfit.



I've been meaning to get into making floral belts for some time. The belts I wear the most are my two floral belts, which my mum bought for me several years ago. The main reason it's taken me so long to make my own is that nice fake flowers (which aren't made of paper or foam) are really hard to come by (until now!!!)



As well as the flowers, I also stuck plastic gems to the belt. (I mist admit, I did get lazy and use self adhering ones, which have since fallen off. I'll probably redo them properly at a later date) Something I want to do once uni's finished for the year is get into making tutorials (so let me know if you'd like to see how I made this yo!)




Flower Belt Closeup

The hardest thing about the whole process was choosing the colours I wanted to work with. The shop had a great selection of styles, but none of the colours matched. I went for the teal/yellow/white colour combination because it will "go" with the most things in my wardrobe. With this particular outfit I styled the colours so the belt would be the focus (I opted for more muted tones which would compliment rather than complete with the bright blue of the main rose)


I'll definitely make more in the future (and I might even make a few to sell .... who knows!)