wpid-pict_20150327_184204.jpg I'm having yet another weekend jam packed full of music, although unlike previous weekends, the styles of music I've had to play have been highly contrasting.

Last night my band played at a gig with 4 other bands who were just as nutty as us. Now, as far as how I play the flute in my band goes, I usually aim for a very wooden/dirty sound. I'm not afraid of squeaking, or bending the pitch, or even splitting my notes.

I had to go from that to lovely proper classical musician. It's not an easy transition.


Today I played the Pearl Beach Annual Opera in the Arboretum, which is basically a fun concert of Opera classics in the great outdoors. I've played it a couple of times now, and it's always super fun.

Tomorrow I'll be switching styles yet again for my 1920's jazz orchestra rehearsal.

It's strange. Before I started uni, versatility was never really my thing. I was pretty firmly a classical musician, but now I can handle pretty much anything thrown at me. It's a really liberating feeling!