Drowning in a purple puff of Tulle

wpid-pict_20150221_174315.jpg This weekend has been absolutely mental in the best way possible. Friday sported an all day Vanishing Shapes rehearsal followed by an amazing gig at Mr Falcons, and yesterday I had a gig with my friend Alyse at the Kariong Eco Gardens for their monthly movie night. (We played half an hour of super cute flute duets!)



The real madness starts today . I have a full day of rehearsals and performances ahead of me. Like as in I start playing flute and 9:30am then probably finish at about 9ish 10 ish this evening with minimal breaks in between.

My band is playing the rhythm hut tonight, and we're all super duper pumped. Like many people in Gosford, I see the rhythm hut as part of my musical home, so having my band play there will just be an amazing experience.

I'm really enjoying the ridiculous amounts of music going on in my life at the moment!


Anyway, I'm going  to post this before it gets too long an rambley!