Emerald Dapper Fun Times

wpid-c360_2014-12-16-18-58-41-808.jpg Yesterday was a very long day in which I learned a lot about myself. My workplace had their first aid training day, which meant I was in a class room from 9am to 5pm, with an hours break in the middle. The training was great and I can competently take over situations which need first aid.


Unfortunately, the training was done in a "classroom" setting. I don't do classrooms. I had an extremely hard time sitting still and paying attention. I also had a hard time not being outside/ making music (which is what I've been doing with my band quite a bit.) A friend of mine recently went on a long bike trip, and has been talking about feeling restless indoors. I really sympathised with her yesterday. (Her blog : https://crazybikegirl.wordpress.com/ I really love reading her blog, she's an excellent writer!)

Being constantly creative and stimulated made it really difficult for me to be in the classroom environment.


The other thing I learned was that you really don't want me doing your cpr (at least the compressions component of cpr) As a musician, I have incredibly sensitive hands and fingers, which tend to injure/ tire easily. I made it througm the compressions component, but not without injuring myself.




It was really odd wearing shorts to work. I pretty much exclusively wear dresses and skirts because it makes me feel crisp and professional. I'm glad I went with shorts though, because a dress or a skirt would have been very uncomfortable.