Fairy Folk gigs

wpid-c360_2015-02-04-18-38-41-926.jpg Man, my band has had so many gigs the week! Usually when we have an evening gig, I stay at my bassist's house after, then head home the next day. Not this week. We had a gig both Wednesday night and Thursday night.


Both gig were off the chain! We had fabulous crowds both nights, which helped us to intensify our energy. We were also all standing. Usually our cellist sits because the cello he was using was constantly slipping on its spike. He's no longer playing that cello, and the cello he's playing now has a working spike!


We also semi released our album. We're currently only selling in a physical form at shows, but pretty soon we'll open up our band camp.


This is what I wore for our first gig of the week. Because we play folk music, I try and keep my outfits cute, folky and pixie like.

We have one more gig left for this week, and then we can get to planning more gigs and writing more music!