Floral Otome kei

wpid-c360_2015-01-26-17-52-02-506.jpg Happy Australia Day everyone! (and I hope you didn't get too soggy) Trust it to rain on the one day everyone wants to go to the beach and get a sunburn. I personally had a lovely day regardless, but I did miss seeing an obnoxious amount of Australian flags everywhere.


I had a lovely, but uneventful day (lots of burritos, mario kart and anime) followed up by a rawkus evening. Once a month the Rhythm Hut http://therhythmhut.com.au host an event called 5 Lands, which is basically a jam band. It's all improvised music and the lineup is different every month.

Playing 5 Lands is one of the highlights of my month. The style is so varied, and going into a performance not knowing what you're playing and who you'll be playing with is such a rush. It's also transitioning from scary fun to fun fun. I attribute this transition to my growing comfort with improvised music.


Along with the 5 Lands, they also have a special guest. This evening it was a band called Chuparosa http://www.chuparosa.com.au/. Aww man these guys are off the chain! There an amalgamation of Ska, funk, reggae, latin, jazz, and a bunch of other influences. Not only that, but they have so much stage presence. Like, enough for them and probably 10 other bands.


I sewed the pleated shorts I had on today last night. I've had that green check fabric lying around for years, and the design for these shorts in my head for years, but haven't been game to attempt pleated shorts (probably because I wasn't confident in my shorts block*. Don't worry though. I re-did my shorts block, and now it works really well)

When I was sewing the shorts I was a little worried about how I would style them, but after todays outfit I am confident that I can style them in a million different ways!

* A block is a basic clothing pattern which you can base either super simple, or more complicated designs off.