Foxes in fairyland

wpid-pict_20150505_164228.jpg I was talking to a friend the other day about how fast time appears to be moving at the moment ( For those of you who missed that conversation, time is moving extremely fast). My brain is still under the impression that it's February, despite the fact it's really really really not February.


It's actually kind of scary. Stuff that I planned at the beginning of the year is starting to happen now, and it feels as though every new plan I make is being ticked off mere hours from when it's finalised in my diary.


Apart from the whole time moving fast thing, I'm actually in a pretty great place. I've been painting and sculpting heaps lately, and making a ton of music (As well as writing new stuff with V shapes, I've been writing stuff on gameboy again and writing classically)



This is one of my creations from my sculpting session last night. I've not made a fox before, nor have I sculpted from a sketch before. I feel like the fox turned out pretty well. I also made a bunch of other stuff which will turn up on my blog in the next few days.


The one question I'm always asked about my jewellery is what material I sculpt with. I use white sculpyIII (which is a type of polymer clay. Really I could use any polymer clay, but this one comes in a bulk packet. I actually finished a packet last night. I'd had it for 4 years!) then paint and varnish once it's baked.