Giant red bows, Disney skirts, gigs and weddings

wpid-c360_2014-12-06-15-11-33-881.jpg Another short one today!


I've had yet another busy weekend, full of gigs weddings and tomorrow, rehearsals.


Friday night my band played at the Cambridge Hotel with a band called Luluc (pronounced luluke (we may have got the pronunciation wrong in our brains...)) They're a folk duo from Melbourne (but have been based in the USA for a while, and travel everywhere) They were so awesome to open for! Steve and Zoe are the nicest people, and their music is so haunting, and brilliantly composed.


So after the fun of last night, Ro and I got to attend our friends wedding. They're the cutest couple, and the afternoon has run beautifully (they have had the perfect wedding!)


Pretty good weekend all in all!