Gig Night :D

wpid-photo-on-17-07-2014-at-1.10-am-3.jpg.jpeg My band Vanishing Shapes ( had our first gig in like 3 months last night. It was super fun. We played well and the audience was great.


We had a rehearsal in the morning to get prepared. This is what I wore. In hindsight, I probably should have worn more layers because it was epically cold :(


We also started jamming on some new themes, which will eventually turn into a song of some description. It's so nice writing with the boys again. We stopped writing for a little while to record an album, which will hopefully be coming out soonish.


I wore this to our gig last night. I was wearing the icecream skirt I made and felt it was only appropriate to match my hair.


This is the whole outfit (minus the shoes, which you can see above.) It's exactly what I wore a few weeks ago, but better because my little pony hair. My apologies for the awful quality photos. My phone was at 2% when we got home, and I had to take them on my laptops camera.


This is the Venue we played at and the awesome crowd we had. The dance floor is an L shape, hence the divided crowd shot.


Our next gig is here If you're in the Newcastle area, you should totally come along.