Green Polkadot Playsuit

wpid-c360_2015-01-09-17-59-41-409.jpg This is an outfit I wore a few days ago (probably about 4 days ago actually :s) I don't really remember what it did to be pushed to the bottom of the outfit posting pile, but better late than never I guess?




Actually, there's just something about this outfit which keeps it off my blog. I've worn this playsuit about 5 times in the last 2 months, and this is the first time I've photographed it. Probably because I tend to wear it if I'm going out at night (and by going out, I mean moving from my lounge room to my boyfriends #hermitlyfe) It's super comfy, and super cute. No fuss + super cute after dark = my kind of lazy outfit!

Being a "lazy" outfit does have its drawbacks though. If you've read my blog for a while, you would have noticed that I rarely go without a belt. This playsuit is super duper hard to belt. I settled for a drop waist "punkish" style belting this particular day. I just can't get a waist belt to not look weird.


I also put my hair in pigtails, with two different coloured bows (because no one tells me how to dress!) Even though I'm hating having long hair, I love love love being able to put it in sickly sweet pigtails.




Today I traveled into Newcastle to write music with 3/5 members of my band Vanishing Shapes . It feels good to be writing music again. The last time we were going into writing mode, we had a lineup shuffle, which meant that we had to leave writing in favour of rehearsing. We completed 2/3rds of one piece, and solidified a different theme of another piece. Twas fun yo!