Heart Pinafore.


Remember when I talked about having an epic sewing night a couple of posts ago, and being all "I'll put the other thing up in a few days"? Well, here is the other thing I made!


That's right! It's a heart shaped pinafore! It was pretty simple to put together, but pretty time consuming to complete (I do all my gathering by hand because I haven't bought a gather foot for my sewing machine)

Believe it or not, this pinafore is actually super hard to style, like to the point where I had to actually buy a blouse specifically to wear with it. I used white lace on the pinafore, and a very white based busy print. This means that the pinafore doesn't go with any of my off white or black blouses. It also doesn't go with my green blouse due to the different greens used in the print. I own one white shirt that kinda sorta goes with it but due to the cut, it tends to billow out at the sides and needs to be constantly adjusted.


So yeah, this is what I wore to my bands gig at the rhythm hut last night! It was a really great concert, and really fun (despite the technical difficulties we had at the start).


I'm a bit dead now though. I played flute pretty much all day yesterday.