I did not mean to take such a long break...

Shoes I really hate that pretty much all of my posts are starting like this, but, you know, life and stuff.


Basically everything happened all at once in October, leaving me with not much time to do anything that wasn't uni, work or gigging. This month is looking no better in that respect ( My thesis is due, so posts may be few and far between) but I'm going to make more of an effort to shoot my outfits and stuff.

flippy skirt

Ugh, sorry about my lack of words. I've just spent the last hour typing a bunch of different things, and going nowhere because my writing style is stuck in academia land. (I was going to write about what i'm writing for my thesis, but it was sounding kind of boring (I'll totally talk about it if others are interested tho!))


I don't remember when I took these photo's. They've been sitting on my SD card for a while.

weird angle


As much as I've enjoyed doing honors, I'm really looking forward to it being over. I've pretty much banned myself from sewing/painting/video games/tv until it's over. I don't really know how to end this. It's been kind of rambly and all over the place (sorry).