I pushed a tree over with my gargantuan strength

wpid-pict_20150423_164301.jpg If you read yesterdays post (or live on the East Coast of Australia) You'll know that we've been having a spot of bother with our weather. (read: the weather has been a category 2 cyclone and has destroyed all the things) One of the things that has suffered is the tree I discovered.


There was just something so magical about the way the light was hitting this particular topsy turvy tree, not to mention the way the grass sort of just folded to accommodate the new space the roots occupied. I couldn't help but climb all over it. It'll probably be cleared up in a few days for safety reasons (it kind of fell on a pathway) but I'm glad I got to document its unusual beauty.


I had a revelation last week about getting your stuff seen on the internet. You have to interact with all the people on all the social media in a constructive way (ie not spamming and actually trying to have a conversation). This is something I've always struggled with. When it comes to internet things I would rather lurk and observe than actively participate (If I had a dollar for every time I had written a comment on something then deleted it I would be a very rich woman).

I find it very interesting that my introverted nature has transferred over into my digital life. As I mentioned yesterday, I watch a lot of youtube, and something commonly mentioned by the various vloggers I watch is how introverted they are in real life. So even though they are IRL introverts they are (cue wanky internet terminology) digital extroverts.


Up until starting my blog my status as a digital introvert had never been an issue (all of the stuff I was doing was not on the internet, so it didn't matter if I never wanted to be active on anything.) but now I have to actively make an effort to be outgoing on social media and try to (for want of a better term) "build an audience".

I learnt a rule recently to help (somewhat) overcome this problem. I have to interact with at least 3 new people a day across the social web. It's a slow process, but definitely worth it! (sorry for all of the techno-babble. It's just a thing that's been playing a lot on my mind recently, and if I can't share it here then I can't share it anywhere!)