Iceskating fun times.

wpid-20150110_133751.jpg My parents and I had a family day today, which due to my musicians schedule, isn't possible very often. We started by going to see into the woods (which was fabulous. Usually I don't enjoy musicals, but, I really loved the way the music was orchestrated, and the visuals were delightful) followed by an iceskating session. (It was just Dad and I for this. Mum doesn't enjoy iceskating, so she went home and read her book)


Dressing for the cold of the icerink and the warmth of the Australian Summer is always an arduous task. I decided to go with this outfit, because it breathes well, and I could add a pair of long mitten glove convertibles and call it a day.


So yeah. Dad and I had a great time in the rink. We chatted, I went fast, Dad tried to go backwards and fell over. All in all, a pretty good day.