layered Tartan.

Shoes I've recently been thinking a lot about people who have greatly influenced my life, particularly the people I've only met briefly.

with jacket

There are two specific instances I can think of which have really shaped who I am as a person today.

holding jacket

The first is when a friend of a friend was talking about "being at a really creative time in their life at the moment" They'd been having a pretty terrible time with boys, money and living situations, but still managed to be completely creative. Since that conversation I have aimed to "be at a really creative time in my life" as much as possible.


The second conversation I can think of happened fairly recently. I was having a discussion with a new colleague about what they did for a living. Anyway, they were basically being a multi disciplinary creative person. I decided I want to be like that, so I'm currently taking steps to be able to live that kind of lifestyle.




It's funny, these two people have shaped my present and future more than they could ever know, and I've barely spoken two words to them.


Then there's all the people I interact with on a regular basis. My life is filled with brilliant musicians, all of which challenge and or encourage me to perfect my craft on a daily basis. I am quite fortunate to be surrounded by so many creative people.

sans jacket

I must also apologise for my brief absence. I had a fairly big assignment due the other day, and I pretty much neglected everything that wasn't the assignment. I'm officially on semester break now (although, looking at my schedule the next few weeks you'd never know it). I'm really looking forward to having time to create things (I actually started painting my tiny planets again tonight. You can see them on my instagram)