Magic Pixie Dust

wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-26-47-268.jpg I've been quite busy the past couple of days. Yesterday I traveled to Newcastle to have lunch with my friend Steven, a rehearsal with Jessie for a music thing she's doing, and finally busking with my band mate Jake.


I also stayed at Jake's last night because we busked in the evening in Hamilton and City Rail at night is hella creepy. Staying in Newcastle for me means that I have to pre plan an outfit which uses the same shoes and accessories as day one. I'm usually on foot, and I want to keep luggage light, so using this method is the most convenient.


This morning I dragged Jake over to main campus to hand in uni forms that we both had been procrastinating handing in. It's not like they were difficult forms, it's just main campus is a pain in the neck to get to by public transport, and I live far away.


These next few photo's are of my pretty puppies (who are 10 years old, but w/e. They will always be my puppies) They always get extra adorable when I've been away for an extended period of time, and today they were being extra extra cute, and extra sooky.



wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-24-46-602.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-25-24-389.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-37-46-824.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-38-28-545.jpg