May Favourites Feat. Tartan Flannel

Shoes So, if you watch beauty vloggers on youtube you'll know that they do a thing called "monthly favourites" in which they showcase their favourite beauty/fashion stuff for the month. I'm going to steal that idea and give it a tiny bit of a twist: Once a month I shall do my "monthly culture favourites" in which I talk about my favourite artists/musicians/authors/film makers/bloggers/youtubers etc in an effort to 1) be on the lookout for cool creatives I wasn't previously aware of and 2) spread the word about awesome peeps who make cool stuff.

Standing landscape staring

So without further ado, here are my May cultural favourites:

1) Sad Grrrls Club. This is a tour/festival/turning into a general all round creative support network for female identifying creatives. I love how supportive and inclusive this initiative is, and I am very much looking forward to all of the cool stuff that comes out of it.

straight on looking down

2)ZombieKing . I've been delighting in Chris's sculpture on instagram as of late. Basically he makes dead fantasy fetuses in test tubes. It's a little morbid, and a teeny tiny bit gross, but his work is so beautifully gruesome I just have to mention it.


3) Curls n Cakes: There's going to be a bit of a trend concerning where I find the people I follow on the interwebs. I found Mona's blog through instagram and was instantly taken by her quirky yet classic style! As well as wearing pretty things, she bakes stuff that looks really cute, and sounds scrumptious


4) Deep Sea Lights : This duet is the perfect mix of acoustic, electronic and experimental. They're kind of ambient, but kind of not if that makes any sense. My band, Vanishing Shapes, is actually playing a gig with these guys (and a few others) for DEJA at the Red Rattler on Friday. (If you're Sydney Based, you should totally come on down yo!)

standing cute


There you have it! These are my favourite creatives/projects of May/ Early June (I have no concept of "past" at the moment, it's just all become a jumble of vague memories of gigs, teaching and practice :S)

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