Metallic Flower Fairy

shoes I was going to post an angry rant about the government. I was going to post about how Turnbull is just Abbott with social skills. I was going to post about how hypocritical the Liberal spill is when they destroyed the Labor government over doing the same thing. I was going to post about how the majority of Australians are to uninformed/don't care enough/too apathetic/ treat their political voice like a football team and how angry this makes me. Finally I was going to post about how angry being politically powerless makes me feel. I'm not going to post about any of that. Instead I'm just going to post about how tired I am of Australia's political situation.

head shot

The TLDR of my feelings comes down to this. Those in power are operating on greed. They feed into the idea that anyone who isn't a millionaire just has to work hard (and if you're not one, you're not working hard enough). They preach free market values, and socially conservative ideologies. They're out of touch, and they don't care, but they've tricked the average Australian voter into thinking that they do care.

Do you want to know who cares? I care. My friends and family care, but as I learned during the last election, apparently we're the minority. It's great that I'm surrounded by so many like minded individuals, but it's alarming to me that the rest of Australia doesn't seem to care as much as the people I'm surrounded by. I've cared so much, but now I'm tired. I'm tired, and angry from the nations leaders being selfish and out of touch. I'm tired from being powerless, and I'm tired of being "productive member of society" (AKA a mere pawn in the game of billionaires the 1% think it's acceptable to play)

looking away

As a child I can remember being taught to share. I have tried to continue that into my adulthood. I gladly share my craft, my knowledge, and my space with those that require it. Somewhere along the line many of these "important people" have forgotten the childhood skill of sharing.

hand on hip

I don't really know how much sense I'm making, but I just need to spew the words and get it all out. The majority have no automony, but the minority have tricked us into thinking that we do and it's exhausted me.


On a lighter note, this is what I wore Sunday. I went to the farmers market with my mum and dad to get some locally grown produce (which is super fresh AND super cheap AND the farmers get more profit than if you buy from the super market!! Central Coast peeps, it's at the racecourse 8 - 1 ever sunday!!) It was a lovely morning. I got so many fresh vegetables, and had a really fun time hanging out with my parents.

In the afternoon I had a vocal concert, which was fun, but weird. I'm still not used to performing classically without a flute, nor have I quite got my tongue around Italian.

Finally I finished off my evening at Rohan's Noni's house. She's an amazing cook! (and she sent us home with the leftovers!!)