Minnie Mouse

wpid-pict_20150325_182754.jpg This is the last of the skirts I sewed on the weekend.


I saw the fabric in spotlight, and I just couldn't resist. It was so cute, and I knew I had the spotted red tulle sitting in my fabric box (It had been in there forever!)


So, unless you've been living under a rock, Netflix Australia launched this week, which is the best worst thing to happen to me in a while. It's the best because I'm a content nut, and now I'll be able to easily stream all the content I could ever want, but it's the worst because a) most of the series I'm watching aren't on there, and b) now I have a super duper easy way to procrastinate.



The moral of this story is, don't let students on Netflix, because it will end in a multi series binge watching session...