Mint Fairy Dreams

wpid-20150508_153357.jpg This outfit is being posted significantly later that I would have liked! I wore this on Friday, then life happened to me shortly after taking these shots, and continued happening without any break until approximately 2 hours ago when I sat down to work on my uni work (I'm currently taking a little break because having my own opinion after formal compulsory education (Which was the last time I had to write critically) is really really hard)


So yeah! I actually had a pretty sound reason for my outfit choice. My band played at the Newcastle University HSC Music day which was a pretty rad (and somewhat emotionally confusing) experience. All of the rad parts came from performing to a bunch of people who were there to get their music on in a serious way/ being able to talk to them about srs music business  stuff after the performance. We did two lots of performing: we were the "students filing into the hall" music, and then one of our pieces was an example of unusual contemporary music (I can't remember the exact description, but the word contemporary was definitely used). I also had a couple of friends attending. One was attending as a teacher, and the other was attending as a student.


I couldn't help but feel a little sad seeing all of these students tethered to their teachers, their school uniform, and the whole formal education system. My senior years of highschool weren't the greatest. Highschool destroyed my creativity. I had a crappy music teacher, which made the silly HSC terminology, and goofball music analysis process incredibly difficult, my English teacher killed any love I had for words, and critical writing (this is something which I'm only just starting to get over now), My design and tech teacher while lovely, was incredibly vague about what the subject actually required us to do, and the process of HSC art made me burn out (I only just started painting semi seriously again 6 months ago, and I've only just started sculpting on a semi regular basis again, not to mention actually experimenting with new techniques and character creation!)

Don't get me wrong, compulsory formal education can be great if you're brain is wired for that type of learning and you have great teachers. I just don't learn well that way, and the school I ended up at was kind of a cultural/educational black hole (that is to say, it was a bit of a crappy high school) I'm actually so lucky that I had (and still have) such a great group of friends. Without them, I don't think I would have survived.


Speaking of friends! One of the main reasons this post is late is because my friend Katherine turned 21! (well, is turning 21 in a few days... She had a party last night!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PANTS :D