Minty Fresh

20140531_144935 Mint and red is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.


Jacket: Alana Hill, Dress: Alley, Belt:Alanah Hill, Tights: Sports girl, Shoes: Thrifted.


Today was a work day, so I opted for a classic sort of look. I'm very lucky to work in an environment where I can pretty much wear whatever I want. Even so, I tend to tone things down a bit for work (Somehow I don't think my boss would appreciate me coming in with cat ears on my head)


These are my dogs.


This tiny creature is noodle.


And this one is bubbles.

Both of my dogs are rescue dogs which we have had for ages. They are legit the cutest little fluffballs I've ever seen. I just wish they would enjoy getting their photo's taken a bit more :P