Music Musings

wpid-pict_20150226_174228.jpg I am surrounded by so many great and passionate musicians.

My band played a gig in Newcastle last night for our friend Rachael Maria Cox's Ep launch. It was such a special evening.


The evening started with Jessie Drane's beautiful music. I absolutely love seeing her play. Her music is what I'd describe as having a laid back folky vibe. She can also sing freaky low, which adds to the mellow tone of her music.


My band played next. It was our first Newcastle gig with New Josh (and also our first Newcastle gig with me introducing the pieces/ saying words while people tuned / changed instruments). I couldn't think of a better gig to introduce him at. We played really well, the crowd was electric, and the whole band kept having moments.


After us the main lady of the evening blitzed her set. Rachael's songs are quite melancholy for the most part, and let me tell you, she does melancholy is the absolute best way possible. It was just her and her keyboard last night, but she recorded the ep with a full band (You can click here to stream/ buy/ marvel at her brilliance)  Congrats on a great release Rachael dear <3


I also started honors yesterday. The process of doing music at uni is an incredibly weird one. We started out as quite a large cohort, and now we've been whittled down to the last 10 or so people.

As weird as it is to have a small group in my year, I'm really looking forward to starting on the creative components of my research, as well as collaborating with others (not necessarily on their research, but just with general music-y things. 3/5ths of my band is in my class, as well as 2 composition friends, and a pianist friend, all of which I work with on a semi regular basis)

I'm also determined to become a notebook chick. I've had a love hate relationship with notebooks (and art diary's). I've purchased so many with good intentions, but barely ever get past the first few pages of writing (or in the art diary's case, I do a few crappy drawings, then let it collect dust on my "dead" art diary shelf) Honors involves a lot of writing as far as I know, so I bought a lovely notebook to use (along with a purple pen. #theycanmakemetakenotesbuttheycantchoosewhatcolourIwritewith).


Anyway, onto what I wore today! I've actually layered two dresses to create this outfit. I got home really late last night, which caused my to be incredibly dead when I woke up this morning. I tend to always reach for this dress when I'm half dead, probably because 1) it's super easy to just throw on 2) It goes with so many things in my wardrobe making it easy to coordinate.