Orange and mint candy

feet Sorry I haven't been very wordsy lately. I've been doing quite a bit of painting recently which is killing my words (when I paint, I think in images, which destroys my writing)


I'm officially on uni break now! I almost feel free (school doesn't finish until friday), and can't wait to catch up on all of the general life business I've been ignoring so I can do my uni work/do my job.

brushing fringe

This is what I wore Monday. I don't know why this colour combination didn't occur to me earlier. Looking at it here, matching various off white/blues with this skirt is on of the most obvious ways to wear it (I've only ever matched it with orange.)


I had a student sit her very first flute exam ever last week. She sat preliminary grade, and recieved at A+. I'm so proud of her (and can't wait to move her onto more complex pieces)


Even though personal life type stuff is great at the moment, the Australian Government is getting me down at the moment. I hate how conservative they are, and I hate how closed minded and greedy they are. All of the laws/bills/stuff that they've been passing/are looking into passing only benefit the wealthy minority. I don't understand how they can possibly be that out of touch with reality.

They're currently attacking internet rights and education. I've not really been involved with the social justice scene, but I think I'm actively going to try and get involved/spread awareness.


On a happier note, my band Vanishing Shapes has a gig at the Cambridge hotel this Saturday evening. If your in the Newcastle area, you should totally go. It's going to be super fun!