Polkadot Pom Poms

shoes This is the outfit I wore on Tuesday before all the good/bad things happened at once and completely destroyed any semblance of free time I had.


Tuesday this week was one of those shitty days made slightly less shitty because I looked adorable. (Basically car things happened and I had to unexpectedly catch public transport all day which made me feel sick because 1)buses are stuffy 2)there were some particularly smelly people catching the bus that day 3) the buses themselves smelt really bad)

Jacketless landscape

All the running around I did Tuesday also left me completely wiped out. I may have fallen asleep halfway through a sentence while writing my essay (hence why I didn't get this post up then) Wednesday was no better as far as free time goes. I had two gigs. (p.s, why did I think it was a good idea to book two gigs on the same day?)

Side looking with jacket

Both gigs were really fun though. I played with The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Jazz Orchestra in the morning for morning melodies, and then had a gig with Vanishing Shapes at Lizottes in the evening for their weekly live and local session.


Speaking of Vanishing Shapes! If you happen to find yourself in the Sydney Area tomorrow evening and you feel like going to a live gig, we're playing at the Red Rattler tomorrow evening for DEJA. We're playing with a bunch of other musicians who are super duper awesome, so that'll be fun!

skirt details