Pom pom princess

shoes I've been having such long work days lately. Usually I'll start at about 8, then finish around 6 or 7, and because this work day is spread between my employer at my self employed projects I don't get a designated break. I think the strangest thing about this is though that I actually don't mind being this busy.


Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'll come home from work and feel absolutely done and a bit exhausted, but, I don't function well when I have a lot of free time (and with the way my bands been performing "free time" means extended periods of time where I'm not performing which really sucks.)


looking away

So this is what I wore yesterday. I can safely say that this type of skirt (along with my mint green version with green, blue, brown, black and white pom poms) is my favourite creation (my teeny tiny flute students can back me up on this.) Long days feel less long when you spend them feeling like a pastel princess.