Pom pom skirt: Round 2

wpid-pict_20150418_160046.jpg Sometimes when I make something new, I can't help but wear it several times in one week. That's kind of happened with my pom pom skirt. It's so much fun to wear/ play with the pom poms I just want to live in it. (I think I'm going to have to buy more pompoms and fabric so I can make one in every colour!)

I also have a ton of things that "go" with this skirt, so it's fairly easy to style in a variety of ways.


This actually isn't the outfit I wore today (I wore old comfy clothing during the day because I had house work to do/couldn't be bothered getting dressed properly twice). This is the outfit I'm wearing tonight to a concert called Pixel sounds which is on at the Campbell town art gallery. Pixel sounds is basically a celebration of chip music (which at its most basic definition is people making cool music on super old technology)  A bunch of musicians I know (and chip music I love!) are playing there tonight, and I thought it would be fun to go to, so I'm going :3. (I'm also dragging my band mate Josh with me, because he like the old chip tune too!)





I'll link to everybody that played tomorrow when I have more time to write/ am not using mobile internet! :)