Pretty Blue Feathers

wpid-pict_20150224_175100.jpg I'm going to start by apologising about the super washed out photos. It was overcast and late afternoon when I shot, and all the colour in my outfit was diluted by the background.


I had a real lot of trouble making an outfit today. I was feeling very uninspired (partially due to the grey weather and partially due to the cloud of exhaustion I'm living in.) The lack of inspiration is also spurred on by the end of the season. I'm thoroughly sick of wearing "summer" clothes (which fol me is basically keeping my layering to a minimum and wearing fishnet style tights)


The outfit I'm wearing tomorrow is also going to be hard to put together. I actually did a rare thing this evening and attempted to plan tomorrows outfit, but it ended up looking like crap. I hope I have better luck in the morning!