Red Roses and Gingham Cardigans.

wpid-20150210_193446.jpg I think all the gigs my band has been doing is finally starting to catch up with me. I've felt absolutely exhausted (in the bast way possible ). A symptom of this exhaustion I have felt is "getting dressed is hard" syndrome, which is basically me waking up and not wanting to put an outfit together because I'm too tired to think that hard. I think I've started to come out the other side of it though with the outfit I wore tuesday.


This is an outfit I came up with a few months ago, but haven't worn in a while (I may have done the thing where I wear this outfit once a week, then tire of it for a few months...) Despite this, it's actually one of my favourite outfits.  I feel like the roses around the base of the skirt play off really nicely against the gingham cardigan, red belt and red shoes.


I also feel that it's the right amount of whimsy mixed with the right amount of class.

As well as coming out of fashion exhaustion, I had a great hair day Tuesday which was a result of me getting drenched at work.


Apart from fashiony stuff, I'm feeling really content at the moment. I feel like I've got great stuff going on in my work and personal life, and I actually feel like I've got a smidgen of a work life balance (which is something I've not had since my early teens. When you're job is also your hobby, it's really hard to take a break). Both my flute and piccolo are finally working properly as well! (Turns out a lot of my tone problems weren't me being a crappy musician. It was my flute being a broken instrument.)

I've also been playing so much great music with so many great people! As well as my gigs with Vanishing Shapes I've been busking with a flutey friend of mine. We went out and semi sightread a bunch of flute duets along the main road in Terrigal today.