Sapphire with a hint of Ruby

shoes Navy and red is such an easy, yet classic colour combination, which is what I've been going for recently in my outfits. All of my clothes still aren't organised properly, so I'm going for "easy yet classic" outfits.

eyes clsed

This is what I wore the other day. I actually rediscovered this dress in the move. (the wardrobe in my old bedroom had a knack for hiding clothes) I adore the tiny red bow details on the pockets (I have a bit of a thin for tiny bows!)

standing looking away

Uni goes back this week as well. I'm simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading it. The bulk of my work at the moment hinges on me composing a lot of pieces, which I tried ot get done over the break, but ended up with really bad composers block (which, as you can imangine, stints the compositional process immensely. I'm coming out of it now though, so hopefully I'll have the bulk of the work finished by week 3 ish 4 ish)

without jacket I also can't wait to get back into sewing. I've not sewn anything new in over a month because of uni and work and the move. I'm really missing it (I've got a half finished skirt packed away in a box just asking to be finished!)