Skipping Days

wpid-pict_20150218_192044.jpg Guess what day it isn't today. Today is not Thursday. Like it's totally completely not at all a Thursday.

The fact it was not Thursday today did not stop me from thinking it was Thursday.




The Thursday mood struck me last night as I was planning out the new school I'm teaching at. I'll be teaching there on a Thursday morning, and somehow last night I got it into my head that Thursday is one and the same as tomorrow.

About 10 mins before bed I realised that "tomorrow" was not Thursday. Unfortunately for me this did not stop the panic as I woke up at 10:00 a whole 2 hours after my Thursday teaching was meant to start. If I had woken up on "time" I would have arrived at school incredibly early.


I guess part of the reason I skipped Wednesday in my head is because I had nothing planned for today and I want it to be the weekend already. I've got pretty massive plans Thursday onwards. As I mentioned before, I start teaching at a new school on Thursday, which is pretty exciting. Then Friday I have a gig with my band Vanishing Shapes and my friends band Baltic Barmitzvah in Sydney at Mr Falcons, which is a venue I've been wanting to play for a while and Sunday my band will finally get to play at the Rhythm Hut (which is by far the best venue on the Central Coast)

So comparatively, Wednesday was a bit boring (although, I was not bored today. I sewed a new skirt and a pinafore!)