Small Grey Rabbits

wpid-pict_20150319_174630.jpg One of the best things about being part of my band Vanishing Shapes is that we get to play amazing gigs with other amazing bands.

We had a gig at the Lass O Gowrie this evening, and man, it was absolutely nuts. We played with two other bands Quantum Milkshake and Edema Ruh. 


Quantum Milkshake simply describe themselves as a Cinematic dance band. They are absolutely nuts in the best possible way. They've got influences from all over the place, and somehow they've meshed it all together to create a deliciously complex sound. (Unfortunately for me, they're Melbourne based, so I probably won't be able to catch many gigs, but I'll definitely try!)

Edema Ruh were also completely nuts in the best possible way. They're a 7 piece from Sydney, and they too draw influences from all over the place (although, they are significantly more folk based than Quantum Milkshake)

I think one of the things I liked best about both bands (apart from their fabulous music) is that they both have an interesting and varied lineup of instruments. As well as sporting keyboard, drums, bass and guitar both bands had a trombone and trumpet. Edema Ruh sported a violin and sax, while Quantum Milkshake sported a flute.

Maybe it's just who I'm hanging out with musically , but I'm seeing an increased use of acoustic instruments in independent bands, and I'm totally loving it!


If you love music/helping out your friendly neighbourhood independent band, I suggest you check both of these guys out. You will not regret it.